NEW!! SellerDeck and Actinic Desktop

SellerDeck is the new brand name for Actinic Desktop e-commerce software.

Genesis Technical are happy to be associated with the new re-branding of Actinic Desktop, now called SellerDeck. We will continue to support all past versions of Actinic Desktop from v7 and now all versions of SellerDeck.

Actinic Online is now the brand name for the online product only whereas SellerDeck is the new brand name for Actinic Desktop.

SellerDeck is the UK's largest packaged Ecommerce software and services company.
Read more about the SellerDeck and Actinic rebranding here.


Web Design and e-Commerce

Whether you're a business looking for an eCommerce website to sell your products, a sports club wanting to keep your members up to date or a person or family wanting your geneaolgy on the internet, Genesis Technical can make it happen.

We take pride in providing personal service and satisfaction. We don't have the expensive overheads of large corporate businesses so our prices are very competetive and affordable.

Incorporated since 1995, Genesis Technical are here to stay and you can be confident in our long term assistance throughout the lifetime of your business or project.

Contact us now for a personal, no obligation discussion about your requirements.


Search Engine Friendly

Having a website is one thing getting some visitors is another. We can assist with optimising your site for search engines. We make no promises that you will be number one in Google or Bing, no one can, but we will assist in making sure your site content has the best opportuntity to be listed.

Your site content is the most important factor in getting visitors. We use no underhand techniques or short term hacks that could mean your sitre is eventually blacklisted. We only use proven techniques that are recommended by the search engines.


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